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A full range of Quantity Surveying services

At ProQS our service offering is comprehensive, working with our clients to add value throughout the duration of a construction project

ProQS Quantity Surveyor services which include Account Resolution Anticipated Final Costs Bills Of Quantities Budgets Build Costs Building Estimator Business development Commercial advice Commercial Management Commericial support Construction Costs Construction Estimator Contract Administration Contract Advice Contract Management Contractual advice Contractual Matters Contractual Matters Contractual support Cost Advice Cost Estimator Cost Management Cost Planning Cost Plans for Property Developers Costplans For Architects Dispute Resolution Estimates For Sub-contractors And Contractors Estimating & Tendering Estimating And Procurement Matters Estimating Services Expert help and advice on construction contracts Expert help and advice on construction costs Final Account Settlement Financial Control Fixed rates and prices Forecasting Hourly/Daily Rates and Prices Monthly Retainer Contracts Payment & Delay Claims Preparing Budget Costings Procurement Project co-ordination Project Finance Management Project Management Property Development Cost Advice QS Construction Remote Managed Services Residential & Commerccial Quantity Surveying RICS Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors Surveying for Specialist Trade Subcontractor Surveying for Subcontractors Take Off & BOQ preparation Tendering For Independent Builders Tendering For Sub-contractors And Contractors Valuation of Work & Variations Value Engineering Whole Life Costing
Estimating and Cost Planning services from ProQS Quantity Surveyors in Essex
ProQS help you keep a firm grip on project budgets and costs.

Every construction project will have the simple budgetary requirements and most from the small house to the larger commercial projects consist of numerous areas of complexity where costs can potentially spiral out of control. We’re experienced Quantity Surveyors working on large construction projects across the region.

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Procurement & Tendering
ProQS can offer tailor made solutions to evaluate a supply chain capable of delivering the right outcome.

If a client is looking for a stand-alone procurement service, ProQS can offer tailor made solutions to evaluate a supply chain capable of delivering the right outcome for the project.  We work with our clients and formulate an appropriate package.

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Contract Administration
Monitoring of projects to make sure contractual obligations are being met.

This aspect of our work is very much hands on, and typically where we are monitoring the project to make sure contractual obligations are being met between both parties. We look to establish productive and proactive relationships between client and contractor. In turn this avoids the potential for disputes but if disputes do occur we look at a balanced and fair approach to all of the parties involved.

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Commercial Management
We monitor the progress of a project in relation to managing cost and risk.

The ProQS Commercial Management service isn’t just about the planning stage it is also monitoring the progress of a project in relation to managing cost and risk. Our commercial management process helps clients to control the costs of a project throughout its duration, ending with the agreement of the final account.

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Project Finance
Up to the minute understanding of expenditure through meticulous and detailed reporting.
The process of controlling project finance requires strong supply chain management skills, up to the minute understanding of expenditure through meticulous and detailed reports and benchmarking against budgets.

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Conflict Avoidance
Advising the most suitable means of dispute avoidance on construction projects

Conflict on construction projects happens far too often, and most types of conflict can be avoided by proactively laying down procedures should this happen. ProQS provide unbiased expert advice and testimony to help settle disputes.

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Additional QS Services

ProQS can give you peace of mind by offering our expert advice and support on a retainer basis. 

We know your business may not need full-time quantity surveying support, but we can provide you with both reactionary and planned services to meet your requirements, with packages ranging from just four hours a month to 12 hours or more.

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Additional QS Services
Our flexible service includes extended QS advice for our clients.

Where conflict has got to a stage where normal procedures aren’t satisfactorily resolving the issues between parties, we act as an expert witness. We work with clients and private individuals to present detailed analysis around the project and associated reports ascertaining to where the conflict has occurred.

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RICS APC Mentoring
We can provide individuals with all the RICS APC candidate support and guidance.

We can provide individuals in the Colchester, Essex or wider area with all the RICS APC candidate support and guidance needed. The most appropriate route to becoming RICS qualified depends upon the individual’s qualifications and field experience. The first stage is to

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