RICS APC Mentoring

RICS APC Mentoring

Delivered by professional Quantity Surveyors who have developed their experience and expertise on some of the UK’s most prestigious construction projects. You can find ProQS in Colchester, Essex.

  • RICS APC Mentoring Services delivered by Quantity Surveyors in Colchester, Essex
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We can provide individuals in the Colchester, Essex or wider area with all the RICS APC candidate support and guidance needed. The most appropriate route to becoming RICS qualified depends upon the individual’s qualifications and field experience. The first stage is to assess the candidates experience and advise on the best route to a professional status.

What does this include?

APC Mentoring

We can offer one to one mentoring via web conferencing, email, telephone or face to face and our experience and knowledge to give candidates the confidence to produce a submission and take a final assessment.

The scope of the APC training

We offer APC candidates focused support and motivation towards their goals. Training is driven by the candidate, and they have as much or as little as they require. This can identify gaps in experience and start them off on the right track.

Revisions Workshops

If a group is looking for mentoring and training and looks to join a session, we offer Revision Workshops that prepares individuals for their submissions and final assessment. This aims to clearly explain and help the individuals within the group to fully appreciate what the assessors will expect.

Mock Interviews

We can offer candidates a one-hour mock interview with a 15-minute feedback session. The interview is based solely on a personal APC submission. A perfect way to prepare for the real interview!

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