Project Finance Service

Project Finance Service

Delivered by professional Quantity Surveyors

Who have worked on some of the UK’s most prestigious construction projects from our HQ in Colchester, Essex.

Project Finance delivered by Professional Quantity Surveyors in Colchester Essex

The process of controlling project finance requires strong supply chain management skills, up to the minute understanding of expenditure through meticulous and detailed reports and benchmarking against budgets.

We can liaise with lenders, lawyers and valuers at every stage of the project to ensure all parties have a good understanding of the construction requirements. This helps financiers weigh up the risks involved, and demonstrates stability which in turn reduces any negativity that may impact on the clients loans and acquisition of funds.

Our financial monitoring expertise means we can advise as and when project expenditure dictates an adjustment to the funding provision. As part of this process we will be continually monitoring pre and post contract expenditure.

What do ProQS  focus on?

  • Control projected expenditure in line with the budgets that have been put in place
  • Dealing with any funding and finance issues that may occur
  • Verification of expenditure and approvals relating to drawdown of funds
  • Early warning procedures highlighting any financing issues and making recommendations to resolve potential issues
  • Reviewing stressed projects and making suggestions for recovery

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