Procurement & Tendering Service

Procurement & Tendering Service

Chartered Quantity Surveyors in Essex

We have delivered on some of the UK’s most prestigious construction projects from our HQ in Colchester, Essex.

Estimating And Procurement Service from leading Quantity Surveyors ProQS Essex
Estimating And Procurement Service from leading Quantity Surveyors ProQS Essex

If a client is looking for a standalone procurement service, ProQS can offer tailor made solutions to evaluate a supply chain capable of delivering the right outcome for the project. 

How we work with our clients…

  • Working with teams to create an understanding of the desired outcome
  • Estimating & Cost Planning, capacity, capability and desire to fulfill the requirements of the project
  • Formulation of packaging to make sure risk is measured to ensure the right decisions are made for a procurement process
  • Devising contracts that will determine the appropriate and sustainable risk allocation with suppliers
  • Market strategy to determine the most appropriate approach to the market, obtaining the best value for the client
  • Benchmarking of the projects benefits against anticipate outcomes. Reporting and feedback to the supply chain
  • Pre-tender estimate forecasts and projections

Tender Creation and Selection

We use the latest technology to produce accurate and detailed tender documentation. This can be utilised to benefit the architects, contractors and sub-contractors, and of course the client. Using leading digital quantity surveying & estimating software, which is endorsed globally to produce bills of quantities, cost planning, estimating, variations and valuations we are able to manage every part of the process to achieve accurate tenders documentation for all contracts associated with the project.

  • Advising on a procurement strategy
  • Preparing Bills of Quantities
  • Invitations to tender
  • Contract creation, conditions and any amendments
  • Pricing documentation (Bills of Quantities), schedule of quantities and rates
  • Tender pricing documents
  • Collation and issue tender documentation
  • Schedule of works
  • Specification documentation
  • Advise on the suitability of the contractors who are tendering
  • Estimating cost of variations
  • Preparing valuation statements for interim certificates

Contract preparation

For accurate and effective tendering, the Bills of Quantities are produced for valuations and interim certificates, valuations of variations, material orders, cost analysis for future estimation work, planning in association with the contractors site planner, final accounting and building a coherent and highly detailed level of effective cost information. This provides a strong basis for initiating and evaluating cost at the tender process and throughout the duration of the construction project..

Once the client has made a decision to award a contract, ProQS will prepare the necessary documentation incorporating agreed alterations if present, and in readiness for signing by the contractor and client.

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