Contract Administration Service

Contract Administration Service

Delivered by professional Quantity Surveyors

Who have worked on some of the UK’s most prestigious construction projects from our HQ in Colchester, Essex.

Contract Administration Services delivered by Quantity Surveyors in Colchester, Essex

This aspect of our work is very much hands on, and typically where we are monitoring the project to make sure contractual obligations are being met between both parties.

We look to establish productive and proactive relationships between client and contractor. In turn this avoids the potential for disputes but if disputes do occur we look at a balanced and fair approach to all of the parties involved.

What does our contract administration services include?

  • Establishing and implementing contract terms.
  • Ensuring all parties are entirely familiar with their obligations and remain compliant. 
  • Ensuring information is communicated in a timely manner to ensure the smooth progression of the contract.
  • Advise on the administrative procedures necessary for the smooth running of a construction contract.
  • Proactively identifying and manage problems between parties involved.
  • Preparing regular cost reports, including out-turn cost and cash flow

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