Conflict Avoidance Service

Conflict Avoidance Service

Delivered by professional quantity surveyors who have worked on some of the UK’s most prestigious construction projects from our HQ in Colchester, Essex.

Colchester, Essex Quantity Surveyors advising the most suitable means of dispute avoidance on construction projects

Conflict on construction projects happens far too often, and most types of conflict can be avoided by proactively laying down procedures should this happen.

Unbiased expert advice and testimony helps to settle any disputes, which are normally associated with time and money. Our task is to anticipate potential conflicts, prevent or minimise effects on production or cost overruns with ongoing consultancy throughout the stages of construction. This very often proves to be a huge benefit, and limits risk to ensure the project is delivered correctly, on time and within budget.

How do ProQS work to avoid and manage conflict?

  • Advising the most suitable means of dispute avoidance on construction projects
  • Putting in place dispute resolution procedures that are appropriate to the circumstances
  • Advise on protection where issues involve costs, overrun and require a form of dispute resolution procedure
  • If required, we can manage the process of referring a dispute to a third-party mediator or resolution process
  • Our approach being pragmatic commercial skills mitigates risk of disputes

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