Additional QS Services

Additional QS Services

Delivered by professional Quantity Surveyors

Who have worked on some of the UK’s most prestigious construction projects from our HQ in Colchester, Essex.

Expert Witness Services & other Additional QS Services from Professional Quantity Surveyors in Colchester Essex

Expert Witness Services

Where conflict has got to a stage where normal procedures aren’t satisfactorily resolving the issues between parties, we act as an expert witness. We work with clients and private individuals to present detailed analysis around the project and associated reports ascertaining to where the conflict has occurred.

ProQS can advise clients and support any legal requirement with the supply of evidence for legal professionals. We will look to create a detailed and prepared case, which includes forensic delay and quantum analysis.

The process requires a level of independence to assist the court, arbitrator or the tribunal, and not solely to advocate a client’s case.

Our full service includes:

  • The creation of case representation, based on tangible evidence presented by project analysis
  • Working with the court towards a process of agreement around facts and figures in order to narrow the issues in dispute
  • Preparation of full case information to present to the court
  • Court attendance to give expert witness advice

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