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Do you need help with your cost planning or preparing a tender document? Do you get bogged down in contract administration? Is this affecting your bottom line?

At ProQS, we know some of the all-important processes and paperwork can cause real headaches for businesses.

We also know that you don’t always need, or can’t afford, full-time quantity surveying expertise. That’s why we’ve launched our monthly retainer service which gives you access to as much of our professional support and expertise as you need.

It’s flexible, efficient and cost-effective. You can sign up for as few as four to eight hours per month, factoring the cost into your budgeting process. Our goal is to help make your business more profitable.

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You will benefit from our expert on-call support to tackle a dispute or risk management issue or planned support to review your project finances or guide you through the complex paperwork of the tendering process.

This may be the ideal solution as you grow your business, providing you with the RICS-regulated professional skills you need and allowing you to increase your monthly hours as you tender for and win more work.

What is a subscription service?

Our expert advice will bring greater professionalism to your management processes and help to protect you from financial risks.

These are some of the financial benefits you could gain by using ProQs’ tailored subscription service:

  • Analytical review of finances
  • Financial risk management
  • Improved cashflow
  • Increased profitability
  • Planned expenditure on QS services

We guarantee a 24-hour response to our Subscription Service users.  .

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