Five Ways Quantity Surveying Can Make your Business More Profitable
The construction process is complicated, and the industry that orchestrates it is multi-levelled, but quality and profitability govern throughout. Whatever level your organisation fits into the process, employing the services of a Quantity Surveyor will boost your profits. Here are our top five benefits:

1. Budgets

We will work with you from the initial stages of a project, which start at the estimating and cost planning stage. Through a thorough analysis, we will identify opportunities to maximise efficiency whilst maintaining compliance, defining a realistic project budget ready for the procurement stage.

2. Procurement and Tendering

If your procurement strategy is wrong you could find yourself operating at a loss from day one! Getting the balance between being competitive enough to win the business and making a profit can feel like a science sometimes, so why wouldn’t you hand it over to the experts who understand your business and costings and will keep profitability in focus throughout?

3. Contract Administration

You may think this is the part of the process which just involves the legal dotting of the ‘I’s and crossing of the ‘T’s, but it actually has enormous potential to lose you money. Establishing conditions of contract set everything in stone and could leave you with expensive obligations you were not expecting. A quantity surveyor will coordinate project information from both legal and accountancy perspectives, ensuring transparency and staying mindful of finances.

4. Commercial Management

This is the part of the project where clients often think they don’t really need us! Executing and managing a project aren’t always the same thing though. We can contribute to the smooth running of a project whilst adding value and realising efficiencies throughout. With a constant view of project finance, we will continuously forecast, spot and resolve potential problems and maintain focus on the balance sheets.

5. Disputes

Conflict and disputes are part of any industry but have the potential to be very costly experiences in construction. A quantity surveyor will work to prevent any contractual dispute, but if necessary, will seek resolution and settlement through alternative dispute procedures where possible.

We understand the construction industry; we understand the law, and we understand profit and loss. We will take care of the figures so you can do what you do best, profitably. To find out more about the services and benefits we will bring to your organisation to start saving you money and boosting profits phone 01206 654003  or email