Failing to control these issues wipe out subcontractor’s profit!
ProQS, Leading Essex-based Quantity Surveyors, have produced a checklist of common issues which, if left unresolved will swallow up all the profits a subcontractor might have expected to achieve on a project. read more

Contract Terms & Conditions

  1. Avoiding unfair and unreasonable terms
  2. Reflecting tender, post-tender and verbal agreements
  3. Understanding of how the contract works
  4. Complying with your legal obligations
  5. Frustrated client inundating you with contractual notices!

Compensation Events & Variations

  1. Identifying, notifying and correctly valuing changes
  2. Obtaining written site instructions
  3. Recording site progress and resource allocation
  4. Preparing valuations so they assure agreement and are more profitable
  5. Sign-off agreements within contractual timescales


  1. Understanding programme obligations
  2. Producing a functional and contractual programme
  3. Getting your programme agreed
  4. Regularly checking, and revising your programme
  5. Submitting early warnings and delay notices


  1. Submission of accurate and detailed payment applications
  2. Reducing the risk of client deductions
  3. Controlling underpayment, late or non-payment
  4. Getting the final account settled and paid
  5. Getting retention released within contractual timescales

Key Points to Remember

  1. The contract must state you and your client’s agreements
  2. Deliver on your legal obligations
  3. Get a baseline programme accepted at the start
  4. Ensure all additional work is accepted, valued and repaid
  5. Immediately contest payment discrepancies
  6. Maintain and manage records – at all times!!!!!