Building back better after lockdown: Spring clean your contract admin

After the strangest and one of the most challenging years the construction industry has known, the Spring weather has prompted a flurry of activity as projects come out of hibernation and contractors seek to make up lost time.

If you had work paused, contracts on hold and maybe staff furloughed during lockdown, it’s time to dust down your paperwork and get your contract admin back on track.

If you have neglected your admin,
ProQS can help you with a timely review.

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Re-mobilisation of sites may incur unanticipated costs and you may need to agree a new programme with your clients. For example, there may be additional storage costs or new costs involved in bringing equipment and materials back to site.

Site logistics may have changed which could also affect your programme of work. From materials being sited further away to the complexities of more trades being on site at the same time, you may need to review your contract costs and timings.

As construction ramps up, everyone will be trying to obtain materials at the same time. Have you secured continuity in your supply chain or could you face problems getting your materials on time?

If the COVID-19 pandemic wasn’t enough, how has Brexit impacted your supply chain? Did you stock up or are you struggling to get orders from Europe through the new documentation systems?

With so many new issues and risks arising since your contract was agreed, there’s never been a more important time to take a professional look and re-negotiate if there needs to be significant change.

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