As coronavirus forces site shutdowns – is your battle plan in order?
The postponement of significant numbers of construction and engineering projects due to the coronavirus regulations makes this a worrying time for contractors.

But it also offers an opportunity – the chance to get your house in order. With site operations suspended or reduced, many of our clients have had to furlough workers. The question is: should they suspend management operations as well?

We’ve been advising clients that this is their chance to address historical commercial matters and bring all contractual and financial processes fully up to date. This means ensuring all the contract variations and compensation events that have inevitably arisen have been followed up with the correct administrative procedures.

To get these settled and, most importantly, paid, it’s vital to get contract paperwork up-to-date. This includes new quotations for the cost of labour, plant, and materials for any additional work or changes to design, scope or time period.

It’s also more vital than ever to keep engaging with your customers to manage the business disruption.

So make good use of your time off-site to catch up with everything that’s been pushed back down your list of priorities and thoroughly reviewing your accounting processes.

The Government has made it clear that, in the case of public sector contracts, supply chains should be paid promptly and the current Covid-19 situation is not an excuse for delay.

In these challenging times, more than ever, cash flow will be the key to survival.

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It might seem like the lockdown will never end, but now is the time to prepare for the new normal by having your battleplan ready for the next six months. Plan for your return to on-site operations with your programmes, resource levels, timescales and cost impacts adjusted accordingly.

The businesses that thrive will be those that hit the ground running, with all their historical affairs in order.

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