John O’Connell Ltd
ProQS work with leading home-builders John O'Connell and provider Chartered Quantity Surveyors near Ipswich
CLIENT: John O’Connell Limited
LOCATION: Essex & Suffolk
PROJECT SECTOR: Residential & Commercial Construction
SERVICES OFFERED: Estimating and Cost Planning, Project Finance

Benefits of quantity surveying for every project:

“It was a real pleasure working with John O’Connell as they work hard to deliver quality to every building project.”

In 2019 professional quantity surveyors ProQS began a strategic partnership with John O’Connell Ltd, an independent design and build company delivering residential and commercial construction projects in Essex and Suffolk.

Essex and Suffolk-based building company John O’Connell first approached ProQS with a tender submission deadline looming on a high-end project, which was viewed by the firm as a chance to expand into a new market. However, the directors recognised that they lacked the relevant in-house experience, specifically concerning the tendering process, to be confident of winning the project at a price that was profitable.

Having identified the tender as a key opportunity, the company were extremely eager to win the project, so turned to ProQS to price, prepare and submit a successful tender within a tight 24-hour deadline.

As an RICS regulated firm, ProQS used its access to the Building Cost Information Services (BCIS) database – the leading source for independent building costings information – to provide the client with access to historic tender information that helped the independent building firm win the half-a-million pound project, on commercially viable terms.

ProQS also overcame ‘missing scope information’ in the tender documents by contacting the Project Owner and defining the scope, enabling them to fill the gaps and provide a more accurate price.

Ensuring a winning tender is a business win

Striking the fine balance between winning work through the tender process and staying profitable can feel like a science; and that’s because it is. This is where the experience, expertise and resources of ProQS deliver value on any construction project. By utilising the latest technology, alongside their professional expertise, ProQS were able to price and deliver a competitive tender and commercially acceptable project for the client.

The Result

The tender was submitted on time to meet the deadline and John O’Connell was chosen as the preferred contractor. Thanks to ProQS’ management of the process, the client was able to move the project forward and negotiate a price, programme and contract based upon a revised scope with the owner.

Tenders: Are you winning or losing?

The successful tender has led to ProQS managing and submitting a further three tenders on behalf of John O’Connell. Although smaller than the initial project, the three tenders held a combined value of between £750,000.

ProQS Opens the door to future opportunities?

A ProQS managed tender has placed John O’Connell Ltd on the tender list of a prestigious Suffolk architecture and design house, meaning this client will be automatically considered for future projects working alongside the prestigious local firm.


  • A £500K winning tender in 24 Hours
  • ProQS opens the door to future opportunities
  • Procurement advice delivers profitability
  • Long-term landscaping pricing structure delivered within 24 hours

The ProQS Delivery: ProQS advised a transparent pricing strategy and the correct contract type, before preparing and submitting a competitive tender, meeting the required deadline, to demonstrate the professionalism of John O’Connell Ltd, including;

  • A detailed bill of quantities
  • Including the non-standard specified materials and systems
  • Pricing for non-standard works. Such as; the protection of trees and listed structures
  • Clarification of project responsibilities. ProQS identified asbestos surveys and air leakage tests, and ensured these were either clearly priced or omitted
  • A full list of qualifications and accreditations.

ProQS Providing Professional Quantity Surveyors services in Colchester, Across Essex & London

Residential Builder tendering advice and consultancy from ProQS: Chartered Quantity Surveyors in Essex

The customer says:

“As an incredibly busy independent building company, we knew that having a professional quantity surveyor on the team was an investment we needed to make. Working with Kieron and ProQS has added new functionality and a competitive advantage to the business. “Kieron is incredibly good at his job and his knowledge, experience and attention to detail are second to none. Working with ProQS enables us to have access to a professional QS specialist as projects and workload dictate, giving us a valuable asset for the business on a scalable basis.”

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